Microsoft permanently buries Windows Phone 8.1

  • End Clap for Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft's system support period is over and the system is permanently abandoned.

Windows Phone 8.1: a lot of hopes, but a failure
  • In 2014, Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8.1 with the hope of taking a significant part of the smartphone market thanks to the success of Nokia and its Lumia. The smartphones of the Finnish firm are selling rather well in some countries like France or Italy, where Windows Phone manages to keep iOS in market shares, especially with entry-level products more powerful than the competition Under Android.
  • Unfortunately for the Redmond firm, Windows Phone will never gain sufficient momentum, especially in China and the United States, the two largest mobile markets in the world, to become a major player in the market.

Mobile system support
  • At the launch of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft had promised 36 months of follow-up, with security updates and features, a strong commitment as the market is accustomed to Android fragmentation issues. This period ended on July 11, 2017, and the operating system is no longer officially supported by the firm.
  • The latest update for Windows Phone 8.1 dates from May 2015 and added support for voice over LTE 4G networks. For users of the system, the end of support by Microsoft should not change much to the use of their smartphone.

His successor already on a siding
  • In 2015, Windows Phone 8.1 was replaced by Windows 10 Mobile, a variant of Windows 10 thought for smartphones and compatible with universal applications. Although still officially supported by Microsoft, this system has also been placed on a siding and no longer receives new features from its publisher.
  • Windows 10 Mobile should soon know the same fatal destiny as Windows Phone, but Microsoft still has ambitions for the smartphone market. The firm is preparing a new product under the code name "Andromeda", with the hope of revolutionizing this market.

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