Galaxy S8: Samsung releases Bixby button war

  • Samsung would have managed to block again users who wish to reconfigure the Bixby button of the Galaxy S8. The game of cat and mouse continues ...
  • He is back, more annoyed than ever, determined to invade your personal space until you go crazy! No, this is not the introduction of Wes Craven's next slasher, but what is happening now for Galaxy S8 and S8 + users looking to get rid of Bixby.

Stop me if you can

  • Small reminder for those who have not followed the story. Samsung's latest flagship duo has a button dedicated to Bixby, the smart personal assistant in Korean sauce. Unfortunately, this one is still very incomplete outside his country of origin. This button has therefore become a wound for smartphone users who regularly support it inadvertently. Developers then developed a solution to reconfigure this button and give it another function, like launching Google Wizard for example, or any other application.
  • Samsung did not really appreciate the manipulation and blocked this possibility before the latter was brought back to life by smart little ones. The story was then thought to be over, but nay! Samsung goes to war again.

The Trojan horse) -Mobile
  • Indeed, T-Mobile subscribers in the US have recently noticed that the button has resumed its first functionality since the last security update despite the use of applications such as BixBye, bxActions Or Bixby Button Remapper. The testimonials are multiple and all have the same common point: the subscription to T-Mobile.
  • Indeed, customers of other operators, even those who have received the update in question, do not have this problem. With a bit of luck therefore, an alternative will already be proposed by third-party developers by the global deployment of this patch by Samsung.
Source : FranDroiD

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