Download Xperia ™ Companion For All Windows And Mac

Free Download Xperia  Companion For All Version Of Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / 10 / Vista And Mac

Backup and Restore

  • With Xperia ™ Companion, you can save your Xperia ™ content to your computer or restore it from your computer to your device. You can browse the content on your device.

Update and repair

  • Xperia ™ Companion not only makes it easy to install new software updates, but also performs software repair (a quick and easy way to solve performance problems).

Upload content

  • Xperia ™ Companion provides a tool for easily moving content such as contacts, messages, calendar, multimedia, and more from a previous Android device or device running iOS on your new device Xperia ™.

Download Latest Version Of Xperia ™ Companion

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