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Free Download Samsung Kies For All Version Of Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / 10 / Vista And Mac

  • Kies is a software to synchronize the contents of your phone with your computer. Kies is a tool designed to intuitively manage your data and multimedia contents (photos, movies, music ...) recorded on Samsung terminals such as Smartphones, MP3 players and tablets.

What is the usefulness of Samsung Kies?
  • Samsung combines its Android smartphones with a utility called Samsung Kies, which simplifies the synchronization of data between the phone and the user's computer (PC or Mac).
  • Kies is not necessary, but it can be useful to those who want a tool that is easier to handle than the various options available at the operating system level. Kies also offers the advantage of wireless operation, with synchronization via the local WiFi network.

How to do ?
  • Once installed, it allows you to automatically detect the phone from your computer, and access contacts, photos, videos or songs stored on the device. The multimedia files can be read directly from the software.
  • Once the access is established, Kies can copy, paste or move these files via an import / export function, which also applies to contacts, memos or calendars managed through the services of Google or Microsoft (Outlook).

Always keep your device up to date ?
  • Kies finally allows you to check whether your phone is up-to-date, or to install a new firmware from your computer, much like what Apple offers with iTunes for iPhone. Kies also makes it possible to automatically install the applications of the manufacturer, the Samsung Apps. Kies is also used to reset your Samsung phone or to erase the data.

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