Download LG PC Suite For All Windows And Mac

Free Download LG PC Suite For All Version Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / 10 / Vista And Mac

  • LG PC Suite is a program that allows for the transfer of audio, video, text, as well as Java applications from a computer to a linked LG phone. It also provides the ability to synchronize music tracks that are stored on a mobile phone via its integrated audio file manager. LG PC Suite also has a wizard to update firmware.

  • LG PC Suite is the official application developed by LG, for the synchronization and the exchange of data between an LG mobile and a PC. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems.
  • With this software, you can efficiently and quickly manage your audio, photo and video files, sync your calendar and phonebook, and easily update the firmware of your mobile phone.
  • LG PC Suite is a simple, efficient, easy to use software that is essential for all LG mobile owners, since it allows them to manage all the functionality of their phones from a PC.

Download LG PC Suite
  • Note that there are different versions of the LG PC Suite software, so it is necessary to go to the support site of LG, in order to download free version of the software compatible with your mobile. To find the version corresponding to your terminal, simply enter in the search field the reference of your mobile, and click on "PC Sync".

Using LG PC Sync
  • After installation, you have the choice to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth or USB cable, thanks to the Air Sync functionality. Bluetooth will provide you with the convenience of "wireless", while the USB connection will offer you greater speed for data transfer.
  • To use the application and synchronize your mobile, you must first create a user account (free) on the site of LG, and connect with this account. Once connected, you can manage all the contents of your LG mobile from your PC.
  • The synchronization offered by LG PC Suite allows users to keep their data on their computer, and on LG servers for added security. This makes LG PC Suite a truly effective backup system for LG mobiles.
  • LG PC Suite has a very interesting and interesting feature called "On Screen Phone", which lets you take control of an LG mobile from a PC. The PC visualizes in real time what is going on the screen of the phone, which facilitates the interactions with the mobile, without having to make manipulations on it.
  1. Free and efficient software.
  2. Very useful for owners of LG phones.
  3. Connection via USB and Bluetooth.
  4. Saving data.
  5. Viewing the mobile screen on the PC.
  6. Requires login to LG, to use the synchronization software.

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